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General Process For Buying a Puppy

An Example of Our Purchase Agreement With Warranties

Purchase Agreement

Before placing a deposit:

We expect puppies to be taken home by 8 weeks of age. We are not set up to raise and train multiple 8 week old puppies at a time. Please don't place a deposit on a puppy unless you are able to clear your schedule for the addition of your new baby. 

If the litter has not been born yet: 

Once a female has been bred I will normally take 4-5 deposits on the litter. An average litter is 5-8 puppies. Deposits are non-refundable. If the puppy you were hoping for is not born you can move your deposit to another litter. We expect you to decide by the time the puppies are about 10 days old. If you place a deposit on a specific puppy, you can switch to a different puppy as long as it is available.

For Solid Colored Puppies:  If I have 3 white females, and you have a deposit pla
ced, you can move your deposit to "first pick white female" and then you can choose between them when they are older.  If there is only 1 black male, then I will list that individual puppy for deposit holders to choose. I hope that makes sense.


For Multi-Colored Puppies: When multi-colored puppies are born they will be listed individually for deposit holders to choose from at 10 days of age.

Some people do not want to place a deposit before puppies or born, and they want to choose by temperament, that is totally understandable! You are welcome to wait and watch the puppies grow and decide if you'd like to make a deposit when the puppies are older. However, I cannot guarantee that someone will not swoop in and place a deposit on the puppy you're looking at. 

If Puppies Are Already Born and Up For Deposit: 

If you're looking for a puppy that is ready to go home with you today, or a puppy that has already been born, go to my Poodles For Sale Page and click around and see if any are available. If I have available puppies over 4 weeks you are welcome to make an appointment to come see them before placing a deposit. Please keep in mind deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE on puppies already born so please do not place a deposit unless you're 100% sure. 


Additionally, please review our Policies page. 

Review our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Please send me an email letting me know which puppy you're interested in and what you're looking for, and a little about yourself.


After you place your deposit we will schedule a time for you to pick him or her up.  On pick up day the remaining balance will be due. When you pick up your puppy we will go through all of your questions and you'll be given all the puppy's paperwork. You will also complete a Purchase Agreement via Docusign. We prefer final payments to be made in cash, but we also take Venmo, Zelle or credit cards or Paypal with a 3% processing fee added.

If you would like to pay your remaining balance on Paypal, please use the link below and add 3% for processing fees.

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