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Paul the Miracle Puppy!


To say that Paul is a wonderful puppy would be an understatement!  He came to us crate-trained, healthy, and ready to learn and to love!  He adjusted wonderfully to our home.  He whimpered a bit the first night, but I solved this by placing a large stuffed dog in his crate and having him sleep close to me.  Now he sleeps through the night without a peep and without an accident. 


My children love Paul and he is great with them!  The best moment was when Paul met Mateus; the boy he is intended to serve when he grows up.  Their meeting was magic!  Mateus was wheezing.  Paul came over and laid next to him.  Mateus moved so much to touch the soft, fluffy puppy that he opened his airways and stopped wheezing and began breathing normally.  His mother had tears in her eyes and I got goosebumps!  His mother said that Paul is already working miracles in their lives!  I'm sending a picture of the moment.


I cannot thank you and your family enough for the wonderful dog they helped to create!  Paul is calm. curious, intelligent, and ready to learn.  I know he will make a wonderful companion and we are hoping that he will also be a seizure detection/service dog for a very special boy with many special needs.


Sarah Moesbergen

Many thanks also in the name of Merlin's Kids!

Parents: Sugar & Jasper 


Standard poodle puppy arizona




You must be in the business of breeding perfect puppies because we got one!! :) Norman is showing off his first haircut by mom and dad today.  He is so smart and walks great on the leash. He crate trained almost instantly and is doing well with his housebreaking. He was well worth the wait! Thanks to you and Sugar! We will be in touch in the future to add a sister for him. Thank you do much.


The Goldsteins


Update on Norman after I inquired if they were ready for a second puppy: 


Hey Vanessa, 


I will happily give up my spot because Norman has started search and rescue training with coconino county!!! It is really fulfilling and takes TONS of time. We were just talking about you the other day because we LOVE him but he is also on his way to becoming a "peanut alert" dog for our daughter who is very allergic and now may be the worst time to add to our brood. We will keep you up to date on his progress so you can use him for bragging rights too :) we have to be up and in the forest at 0800 tomorrow for 3 hours of training but we, norman included, love it.  Good luck with this litter and we can't wait to see the puppies :) - Jen Goldenstien 

Parents: Sugar & Jasper















Black and white standard poodle puppy Arizona

Hi Vanessa,


I hope all is well with you, your family and Sugar, and  that  your holidays were good. The weather here has been great, especially compared to last winter! Today, Jan. 1st, it was 50 degrees. Awesome.


We are loving Raeley…she is soooo good. Best dog ever! We go to a little dog park every day and she chases squirrels and plays with other dogs. She loves every dog and person she meets. There is another standard poodle, all black, that she plays with, too. They are about the same size, he's a bit bigger, and definitely outweighs her. But she is very fast and he has trouble catching her. They look very cute together.


I'm attaching some recent photos. Hope you don't mind me keeping in touch. She is so funny…loves to sit in our front window…like a cat.


Have a great year, good health and have lots of fun!!!


- Nancy, Don and Raeley  12-31-11











Black and white standard poodle

I bought a 7 week old puppy from Vanessa and I adore this little girl. I have owned many dogs in my life and Isis is by far the most intelligent one I have ever owned. She knows how to sit, wait, leave the treat until I say take it, lie down, etc. She is so gorgeous as well. If I was looking to buy another one it would be from Desert Oasis only. They have done an amazing job in bringing her up until she came to live with us. I would reccomend Desert Oasis to anyone. Vanessa answered all my questions, was so cordial and very knowledgeable and so helpful and loving to all the dogs. Again THANK YOU a million for our Isis, we simply adore her! 


- Michelle  12-29-11 

White standard poodle puppy

Hello Vanessa,


This is Halli in Payson.  I just wanted to make contact and again thank you for all you have done for me (us) by breeding such wonderful pups.  My vet was amazed that all tests for worms were negative!  I know that is always a concern, so just know that all your hard work is being noticed-- acrossed the state  even. 

My little guy still is not named, but my other standard was French, Jacque, so I'm thinking French again.

I wanted to also thank you for taking time out on a Sunday to meet with us.  I know that is not always a good day.  The pup traveled very well and is doing well.  We go out about every half hour during the day.   I took your advice and pull up the water and food about 7 p.m.  Considering that he was used to a littermate, other dogs, and a house full of people, he is adjusting well to a "me" and pup lifestyle pretty well.  He'll probably get used to this when, I'll need to go back to school.  However, my school is close by and my principal loves pups, so I can come home at my prep time, at lunch, and right afterschool.  We'll definitely have a scheduled life.

I ordered the Leerburg Puppy video and have found out that there is a trainer up in Pine.  My vet is holding puppy classes, but during the day, so we can't attend.  However, I'm excited to discover a trainer near by.

Okay, well, I just wanted to keep you posted, make contact, and let you know we are grateful.







We are so happy to have Shadow in our life! He has made a perfect addition to our family. I was nervous of our cat but Shadow listened to me and gave him his space and now Dusty allows Shadow to get just close enough to sniff but not yet touch him!! Shadow is so smart, loving and trusting! You have done a great job with his parents and giving him the love and attention to make him friendly.  Within the first week we had him sitting on command and we have been complimented on his looks by several people. I have had a couple people ask me where we got him because of his look and great demeanor!


Shadow just rang the bell to go outside! He is too small yet to let him out the doggie door because we have a pool so we have been teaching him to ring a bell to let us know.  He is starting to catch on and that's just after being with us for 2 weeks!!


When we decide to add to our family we will be coming to you! Thank you for raising a wonderful puppy!



"Hi Vanessa. I wanted to send you an update on Flint. He has been an absolute joy! Easiest puppy I've ever known. He's already sleeping through the night. Completely potty trained - and trained to do his business in the rocks only, sparing our grass. He also knows the command sit and we are working on a few others. He's the perfect combination of energetic puppy and calm loving lap dog. He never whines when I put him in his kennel at night or his playpen for some quite time during the day. We are a very happy family!" - Heather 

Dear Vanessa,

Testimonial: Bailey is ONE YEAR !!! Playful, obeys basic commands....healthy, loving, cute.


What a sweetheart he is. I can’t thank you enough for your obviously ‘brilliant, careful’ breeding practices!!



Bailey is gorgeous, loving, playful, and far smarter than I....But he is having trouble near traffic ... (Both travelling in the car and walking along the road.)...but is close to perfect every other way....

We start classes with a devoted trainer in a couple of weeks, at Camp Bow Wow. Wish me luck!


He keeps rolling the tennis balls under the sofa and expects me to go get them out..immediately! I’ve bought him bigger toys ... that won’t roll under furniture...but you know he prefers the tennis size fuzzy balls, and usually try's to bring one home (steal) from the dog park.


We live in Saddle Brooke, and I hear your kennel name in conversation from time to time. I guess some folks (men and women watch your facebook page.) You have a grand reputation here. And being as the dog park is, on most days, outnumbered by poodles..... I wondered if you may want to consider advertising in our SADDLEBAG weekly news paper. I don’t know what the cost is like, but I would gladly enquire, and I could mail you a copy if you’d like to consider it.

Actually, I’ve seen the ‘biggest’ poodles ever here. I mean 70# !!!

Any way....Best of luck and good health.

Thanks again for a wonderful dog."


The Corbetts


"Hi! I just wanted to pop in and send some pictures to show you how Nova was! She’s everything i could have hoped for and more and I just wanted to say thank you! And also that I send everyone to your Facebook page who asks about her!
She is soooo smart and loving and good with kids and just the perfect dog literally. We originally thought she was going to lighten up like her mom but she has stayed a little darker! Anyways I love you and just wanted to check in and show you how she is getting along !"

(Penny & Rebel puppy) 



Capone is such a smart little dog, he has won are hearts. He has been a great addition to our family. 

- Sharon W. 

Parents: Lottie & Jeff, moyen phantom 

Hi Vanessa,

We have one of Rosie’s “babies”. Noor is 19 months old and about 50lbs. Best dog ever! So obedient, loving and a bit sassy - lover her!

Diane Nelson

Parents: Rosie & Trooper


Hawkeye graduated from intermediate training.He was amazing we did one on one with the trainer and she thought he was so special.He can do so many things.We practice with him everyday.

Hawkeye just  exuberates happiness from the time he wakes up and comes out of his crate.It is like he is saying hello world here I come.

If you ever need a testimony about your puppies I would write one.
I have been following your new litters they are so cute.

Kathy Crowley
P.S Hawkeye got groomed a week ago and he is beautiful

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