Visitation Policy: 


  • I do not show puppies until they are a minimum of 4 weeks old. 

  • When you visit, you may be asked to wear hospital booties on your shoes. Parvo is very contagious and can be carried on your shoes. 


  • Please do not visit any pet stores, pet warehouses, other breeders, dog parks, or any place where there has been a concentration of dogs. This is for the safety of our babies, to keep away disease. 


  • Visits are by appointment only, and we ask that you be respectful of our time, as we are of yours. If you cannot make your appointment or simply change your mind please call and let us know so we can make other arranagments instead of waiting for you to show up. 


  • If you have no intent on purchasing a puppy, please visit a pet store or another place where you can visit puppies, instead of bringing the risk of germs into our home.


  • Please do not bring other dogs with you when you visit. This introduces germs and additionally, makes the mother dogs feel like they need to protect their puppies. 



  • Full registration (breeding rights)  will only be granted if approved by me. Full registration puppies must be approved by me. If you place a deposit on a full registration puppy and I feel none of the pups in the litter are deserving, I will refund your money.  I have the right to change my mind about granting full registration at any time before you take the puppy home. All full registration puppies are $3000.00, not including shipping. 

  • Deposits to hold a puppy are $300. The remaining balance is not due until the day you take your puppy home. When you place your deposit, please complete a Deposit Agreement. When you pick up your puppy and take him/her home, you will complete a Purchase Agreement on paper. 


  • Once a litter is born I will send out emails and make a Facebook post letting people know who is available and for how much. At that time you place a deposit on a specific puppy. Deposits are to be considered non-refundable.

  • We prefer final payments to be made in cash, and we offer a $50 discount if you do so. (in lieu of me paying the Paypal fee) If you cannot pay in cash we accept Paypal or Venmo.

  • Deposits are taken on specific puppies on a first come, first serve basis. Unfortunately we cannot hold puppies or your place of "pick of the litter" without a deposit, this is because people can easily change their mind and it isn't fair to those who have deposits. We cannot hold a puppy until we receive online confirmation of a payment made. All deposits MUST be made by Paypal. We will not accept checks for deposits

  • We are no longer taking deposits on unborn puppies. It becomes too complicated. Deposits will only be taken specific puppies. 

  • We strongly prefer all puppies are picked up by 8 weeks. We expect you to plan your life around the addition of this new baby.  We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone who cannot pick up their puppy by 8 weeks.

  • If you ask, and we agree to hold a puppy, after 8 weeks, payment IN FULL is due for the puppy by 8 weeks of age. Failure to pay in full for the puppy by 8 weeks will result in a forfeit of your deposit and the pup will be sold to someone else. 

  • If you cancel the sale on a held puppy after 8 weeks of age, the deposit is non-refundable and any additional payment made will be refunded AFTER the puppy has been sold and in his new home for 14 days. The original deposit will be non-refundable.

  • Once the puppy hits 8.5 weeks we will charge $30 per day for boarding, training, vaccinations, grooming, and food.

  • We do not give refunds on puppies purchased after you take the puppy home. This is for several reasons, some of which include: we do not want you to purchase a puppy unless you are going to be 100% committed to the animal.  We are aware that life circumstances can make it necessary to rehome your pet, but we want you to make the decision to bring a puppy into your life with the best intention of providing a lifetime home for him. The other major reason we do not give refunds is because we do not want to be in the business of “renting” puppies. Once a puppy leaves our home they are exposed to possible illnesses or injury. If a puppy leaves our house and comes back with an illness it puts all the other puppies at risk. 


  • Deposits MUST be payed via Paypal. We do not accept cash, checks or money orders for deposits. This is because we want to make it easy to refund in the event we must refund it. 

  • When you pick up your puppy and pay the balance in full, we will NOT accept checks. Checks must be mailed to us 10 days in advance.  We will accept cash and credit cards via Paypal or Venmo.

  • We offer a $50 discount to buyers who pay the final payment in cash. (The Paypal fee for final payments is $50 and I'd rather you save it then it go to Paypal.)

  •  In order to improve our program, we reserve the right to keep the first pick of any litter regardless of deposits. ​

  • When you choose a specific puppy and place a deposit, complete the Deposit Agreement. After you've chosen a specific puppy, you will complete a Purchase Agreement in person at my home upon pick up.