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Our Dogs

All of our dogs are either champions, or on their way! Some of our dogs live with us, and some of our dogs live in Guardian Homes. What this means is we are able to keep multiple dogs in our program while ensuring that each dog is a pet and a loved permanent member of a family. The down side is that each dog may not be immediately available for you to view. I do not feel it is fair to infringe upon the personal lives of our Guardian Homes by making their home open to strangers. There are pros and cons to every scenario, and we feel that the pros of Guardian Homes far outweigh the cons.

Our Moyens

scout 1.jpg

Great Lakes Scoutin For Fun

lottie 5.jpg

Goodelife's Latte Lottie for Desert Oasis

Remmy 3.jpg

Goodelife's Bella Baby for Desert Oasis

tinkerbell with craig standing.jpg
Desert Oasis Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust 

Daughter of Tulip x Jeff

Annie 1.jpg
Desert Oasis Off To The Races
Daughter of Lottie x Jeff

tania 3.jpg
Desert Oasis Trick Shot
Daughter of Leia & Jeff

lola 2.jpg

Desert Oasis Copacabana

Our Standards 

Our standards range in size from 22-27 inches at the shoulder and 38-75lbs. If you have a size preference I can steer you towards the parents who will produce those size. 

bear sitting.jpg
Desert Oasis Bear With Me
Son of Roxie & Mando

Roxie in car.jpg

Desert Oasis All She Wanna Do
Daughter of Elsa x Chewy

elsa continental.jpg
Mypride's Queen of Desert Oasis

all three 4.jpg

Desert Oasis Mother May I

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