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"Tinkerbell" Desert Oasis Faith Trust & Pixie Dust  - INTERVARIETY

Tinkerbell is the daughter of Tulip and Jeff.

Tulip is the grand daughter of Sugar and Max, which makes Tinkerbell one of our 4th generation puppers! She is an intervariety, which means her mother is a standard (38lbs) and her sire is a moyen (20lbs).

Tinkerbell is energetic and sweet! She loves to chase birds throughout the yard and her favorite game is to tug on other dog's tails while they chase the ball (silly girl!) We are so thrilled by Tinkerbell's size and temperament. She is the kind of dog that is perfect for an active family who likes to walk or hike.

Weight: 18 lbs

Height:  17 inches at shoulder 


Hips and elbows: PENDING

DNA: Embark Results Below

Tinkerbell's health .jpg
tinks coat color results .jpg
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