"Rebel" Sharpshooter Rebel Rouser for Desert Oasis - STANDARD


Rebel does NOT live up to his name! He has a calm demeanor and is very eager to please. He is such a gentleman and is never too pushy. For a stud dog, that's saying a lot! He has a softer temperament and a stern verbal direction is all he needs to listen. Although he is gentle, he isn't shy and loves to play with the kids and other dogs. He is a big boy at 85lbs! 

At Desert Oasis, we are very proud of our guardian home program. None of our dogs are "kennel dogs" and  all live full lives as family pets. Rebel lives with a fantastic guardian family in Scottsdale. 

Height: 29" 

Weight: 80lbs



Hips: OFA GOOD. My Vet says he would rate "Excellent"



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