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All Reserved - Moyen Litter From Lottie x Scout - Born Feb. 7, 2021


Check Facebook for videos of puppies.

Pups will be 15-25lbs. They will be ready to go to their new homes April 1st.  We are expecting apricot, cream, brown, and phantom.  Pups will be chosen at 7 days old, except in the case of multiple puppies born of the same color and gender. For example, if we have three apricot females born, you will not need to choose which apricot female you want, you can simply choose first pick of the three, and then you can pick when they are older. If there is only one parti female born, and you want a parti female, then you would need to reserve her at 7 days old. Deposits will be refundable until you choose your specific puppy.

Deposit List

1. Steven R. - 1st Pick Black Phantom

2. Kim F. - Solid Brown Female

3. Dori - Second Pick Black Phantom

4. Suzanne - Apricot female

5. Elizabeth P. - Black female white chest

6. Ryan G. - Brown Female white chest

7. David Y - Solid brown male

8. Jeanine L. - Brown phantom male

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Brown Female With White Chest - Reserved for Ryan


Black Female With White Chest - Reserved for Elizabeth


Apricot Female - Reserved for Suzanne


Two Black Phantom Females: Steven gets first pick, Dori gets second