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Guardian Homes 

Please read the ENTIRE Guardian home page before emailing. 

We Have One Female Looking For a Guardian Home



Patty was born April 26. We expect Patty to be about 50lbs. She is fully vaccinated. Patty is very sweet, very happy, and very willing to please. She looks you in the eyes and asks you what you want. We would like to place her with someone who is committed to taking her to a basic obedience class. Not because she's naughty, because shes a PUPPY and we believe all puppies need a basic obedience class. She is very much in full puppy mode, chewing, digging, playing, and having a great time.

Patty is great with other dogs, cats and kids. She is learning potty training, and walking on a leash. She is quiet in her crate. We know that she is going to be a fantastic pet for someone! We expect to breed her 4 times after she passes her health testing. If you're interested in being her guardian home please read the info below and reach out via email: At this time we are looking for someone within 20-30 minutes from our house in Gilbert.

What Is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is a family that loves and cares for one of the dogs in our breeding program. Here's how it works:

You receive one of our dogs to be your pet and live with you full time. Most of the time the dog will be free, or almost free. You will pay for all pet expenses including food, grooming, veterinary care, training etc, just like you would for any pet. We pay for all breeding health screenings (hips, elbow screenings and DNA tests). We also cover ALL breeding costs. You are only responsible for normal pet care. 


We will borrow the dog for breeding purposes, and then promptly return him/her to you. For females, this means she will need to stay with us for 8-9 weeks. This is a LONG TIME for most pet owners so please consider this carefully. When the dog is retired from the breeding program, we will pay for him/her to be spayed/neutered at the clinic of our choosing and they will live out the rest of their life with you.

  • If being away from the dog for 8 weeks will cause you stress, this is not for you.

  • If you want to be involved in breeding and have opinions on when/how and to whom, this is not for you. 

  • If you are not flexible and cannot handle a change in plans or a last minute pick up or drop off, this is not for you.

  • We have a strong preference for guardian homes to live within 20 minutes of Gilbert.


For Males:

When we are ready to use him for stud services we will pick him up from your house (we will try to give you as much notice as possible) and bring him to our house to breed. Sometimes we will keep him over night, sometimes we will just pick him up on a Tues and a Thurs (for example) and only keep him for a few hours. We do not need to keep males very long compared to females. We attempt to get 2 breedings on 2 separate days. There's a little bit of guessing that goes into breeding as far as timing is concerned. Many of our guardians allow us to grab the dog from the backyard (if they have doggie door access). It's not always necessary for you to be home when we borrow him. Our stud dogs are VERY VERY happy to see us and want to go meet with their girlfriends! Normally breeding contracts will last up until the dog is 7 years old.

For Females:

We will borrow the female for breeding, normally about 3-5 days in a row. We will return her to you for the duration of her pregnancy. We will pay for any and all vet expenses that are related to breeding. When she is about 10 days away from her due date she will come stay with us until she raises all her puppies. (normally about 9 weeks). Some people cannot handle being away from their dog for 9 weeks. I completely understand. If being away from your dog for that long is going to cause you stress, THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU. We do not want anyone to be uncomfortable.

Also keep in mind, females will go into heat approximately every 6 months. If you are uncomfortable with blood, or it will create a huge stress for you, this program is not for you. You will be responsible for ensuring the female does not become pregnant with an unwanted male.

We recommend keeping your female in a diaper when she is in heat. You can purchase these on Amazon or at Petsmart/Petco. They make both disposable and fabric diapers. The biggest hassle is that you must keep an eye on her so that she doesn't go out the doggie door and pee/poo in her diaper. If you don't have a doggie door this isn't too big an issue. It's just an extra step that you have to take.

Most females will bleed for about two weeks. It is not a huge amount of blood. It is more drips.

  • If you have a female in a guardian home it is your responsibility to notice when she is in heat and let me know ASAP. This is a very big deal

  • If you miss the heat cycle then it is damaging to our program and sad for everyone all around.

  • How many litters the female will produce will depend on our individual contract and how old she is at the time she goes under your care.

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