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"Chewy"  Goodelife's Chewbacca - STANDARD



Chewy came to us from Goodelife poodles in Missouri. He is a VERY affectionate boy. He doesn't want to sit next to you, he wants to sit on you. When you walk him he will be stuck to your leg like velcro. He does not excessively bark at all, but when he does it is deep and intimidating. He is a very silly boy. Chewy wants to lick your hands and face to show you how much he loves you. He loves adults and children alike and will lean against anyone who lets him, so he can get some good pats. Chewy has a very beautiful head, nice oval eyes and a dark, rich brown color which we are hoping will not fade too much. At 2 he is still dark brown. We are excited about this boy!


Height: 27" at the shoulder

Weight: 57lbs





chewy dna profile .jpg
Chewy ofa hips .jpg
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