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"Sugar" UKC Champion Desert Oasis Sugar and Spice - RETIRED


Sugar is more than just a dog. I swear she speaks English and understands what I say to her. She tells me when she is out of water or food. She follows directions. We have a special connection. Sugar is a UKC conformation champion and a certified therapy dog.


She is very calm and extremely tolerant. She is smart, loves to learn and loves to be with us every second, but has no seperation anxiety. She is an amazing mother and even lets my young children hold her puppies and cuddle with them. She has complete faith and trust in me to protect her and her puppies. She loves to retrieve and will do anything for a hot dog. 


One weekend, we took Sugar to Sedona and had to leave her in the car for a few hours (it was cold outside.) We parked the van and left, and when we returned I realized that I had left the van door open! I panicked, thinking she must have gone looking for us or chased a squirrel and gotten lost! But when I got closer I realized she was laying on her dog bed, in the van, calmly waiting for us to come back. That is my Sugar! She is our angel. 


Sugar is a black and white parti. She has not faded to blue and is a true black. Her mother was blue and white and her father was brown and white. She produces gorgeous black and white, brown and white, and silver and white partis for us. After she retires she will remain our pet.


Height: 22"

Weight: 43lbs



Health Testing: 

Hips: OFA Excellent

Elbows: Normal

Thyoroid: Normal

von Willebrands: Normal 

Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration: Normal 




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