Standard Litter Between Roxie & Mando - Born Jan. 16, 2022

 Prices will be $2500 for solids and $2900 for multi-coloreds (phantom, sable, parti)

Roxie gave birth to 4 white males, 2 brown and tan phantom males, 1 black and tan male, 1 parti male, and 1 black phantom female.


Here's how deposits will work. You can place an individual deposit on which brown phantom of you want. The one you pick is yours. For the white males I will take four deposits. You will choose which white puppy you get at 6 weeks.  If you're looking to choose based on temperament, it's the wisest choice to choose the group of white pups. If you reserve "first pick white male" you'll have four to choose from. If you reserve "second pick white male" you'll have three to choose from, and so on.

Deposit List

1. Breeder Choice - Male Parti

2. Stud Owner Choice - Black phantom female

3. Margaret S. - Black phantom male

4. Kris E. - Brown phantom no white mark

5. Deborah S. - Brown phantom with white mark

6. Justin C. - Orange collar male

7. Jim & Karolyn L. - Purple collar

8. Paige - Blue collar